Precious Plastic Shop Playbook

I was recently reminded of the play books (see below) constructed by the folks over at This was extremely helpful for me when I was opening up an audio-based (makerspace) lab a couple years ago.

And well, I think something like this would be great for the Precious Plastic community. I see it holding some of the following items:
– proper space best practices (minimum sq. footage, ventilation etc.)
– inventory
– budgets
– licensing and legal best practices
– funding and investment options/tips (talking to investors, getting donations, etc.)

Maybe it could eventually live at I’ve started a stub page over at Feel free to start hacking on it.


Wow that wiki had a boost! @rob please also add a section for cleaning plastic

Sounds like a plan to me. I’m in chats with a few local galleries to run a recycled plastic exhibit, so I’ll be sure to contribute anything I learn 🙂