Precious Plastic South Africa needs members!

Hi there, we are organising the South African brand of this endeavour and need people to join the ranks to fight pollution!

We are ready to form an NGO, acquire funds and get moving. Join the discord channel now and let’s start discussing ways forward:


Hello Jubzza,

I’m in South Africa and super keen to get going.
Ive had the machines costed, (excluding motors). These are the prices as of June 2018.

Compressor (excl jack & oven) R4000.00
Extrusion R8500.00
Injection R4500.00
Shredder R14600.00

Where are you based? Keen to have a conversation? I’m in Gauteng

Hi Jubbza,

I am currently in The Netherlands, definitely I will be visiting RSA and Joburg in July for a week or 2. I see the post is from 2018and ask myself…how are you doing? How is the project going?