Precious Plastic subtitles

It would be great if you could help us out translating the Precious Plastic Promo video into your language. This makes it easier to spread out across the globe.


Here you can download the english transcript.


Contributers so far:

– Spanish – English

– Turkish

– Brazilian Portuguese

– Norwegian

– Czech

– German

– French

– Dutch

– Portuguese

– Croatian

– Italian

– Indonesian
@wmikke – Polish

– Greek

– Malaysian

– Russion

– Thai


I made Turkish 🙂

Where do I find the Spanish version? Need it here in Costa Rica.

The hungarian version is ready 🙂

Hello Dave. I translated to Ukrainian. And added on Google Disk and Youtube directly.
Also here


Not sure if this one is still active, but here is a Swedish version!

Hey dave make sure to enable subtitles for all your videos! 🙂

@branquinho yout file was in an non universal encoding. I took the chance to make it into UTF8 that will pretty much work anywhere.

Here you are the Spanish version (in case you don’t have yet this one).


Heya, Hairi Razak from Malaysia.

here the subs in Bahasa Melayu for Malaysian.

keep it up!

Hi! I can help with spanish subtitles for the rest of the videos too, and for the files (I haven’t downloaded them yet)

Hello I made the Greek sub.

Well I made some changes and submitted it via youtube contributor link instead

Hey all,

I made one in Thai.

Hi what about the translations subtitles for the other videos? I can help you with spanish subtitiles.

Hi! I’m so inspired! Find in Russian

Thanks everyone! Latest subtitles are added. I’m not exactly sure how this works but it seems you can also help out directly from Youtube?
Anyone got experience with this? Seems and effective way to get it done…

Awesome Project ~_^]d
this is my translation script from my country
Bahasa – Indonesia

Polish version. I hope it makes change on the map.

Indonesian version. I hope it will help you, sir.