Precious Plastic subtitles

Italian version 🙂

Hello Dave, nice work you are doing.

I am a software developer, and I would love to help you in anything you may need for your projects.

Feel free to contact me if you think I may be of assistance.

Kind regards and keep up the good work!

Hy! Here’s the Croatian translation:

Super goed project!
Ik heb het in het Nederlands vertaald!

European Portuguese (PT-PT)

Hi @davehakkens
Great initiatives! Happy to contribute with the French translation!

Well, i actually said. “Love the spacey recycled colors”
Norwegian is what Youtube names it, no other choice here.
also: German added!

What it sounded like you actually said, now that I watched the video, is

“Lofty spacey recycled colours” which makes sense. ‘Lofty spaced out’ might be the better wording, but nontheless.

NB: There is no written language called just Norwegian. Its either New Norwegian, or Norwegian Bokmål.

New Norwegian Bokmål version (with added fixes):

thanks @adamroni @kingu @branquinho, they are all added!

Czech version 🙂

I used something like “decorate with recycled colors” on the Portuguese version.

Norwegian bokmål


Unsure what “loft in space” means. Use room unscrupulously?

Changed … to ellipsis …

36 should have an “and”

I translated to Brazilian Portuguese 🙂