Precious Plastic Switzerland meeting

with my art studio in collaboration with institutions in the city we are about to start a pp group in Bern.
It will be open to everyone that would like to join and it will collaborate with social services and guest artist in residence programs with designers to work with pp machines and communities.
Wouldn’t be useful to meet us everybody that are working in switzerland just to share methods and ideas and maybe to not buy or build redundant machines?If it’s not possible i will try to to Skype or tour around and meet you all.
hope to hear you soon.
diego roveroni


Hi Diego, yes me and my friend Tavi just started on making a shredder and we both are from around Bern.
Would love to hear from you on a skype or meet up in Bern

Greetings Jonathan and Tavi

Ciao Guys, I’m from Italy near the border of CH. Do you have a short journal of your workshop/meeting to post there? I’m interested about a team “near me”… Thank you.

hey guys i have no internet more(hahaha) but i’m already in the studio so west wing first floor door open ciao…wait you

so we see each other tomorrow in Progr   Waisenhausplatz 30
my studio is this one
west side first floor call me with what sup…
i will already be there at three
see you tomorrow

Here is the Doodle for anyone who joins this thread.

Hi Jonathan here from Precious Plastic Bern. Some friends and I will have a meeting about how we as Switzerland could work together on this Plastic project and benefit from eachothers experiences.

Here is the doodle to sign up when you have time to come. (Don’t worry if you can’t come we will post a letter of what we talked about after the Event.)

here some thought about a possible strategy to set up a workshop,
so we can discuss it then we see
1)it would be nice if we can take contact with that is on the map for collaborations(i think Elias already wrote him if it possible to go to see the facility)
but also with entsorgungzentrum from every city and they can provide us washed plastic(that we sort and shreds for colors)and maybe already shredded jus to save some thousand around switzerland in shredders…and maybe convoy that money in a more useful  machine(elias would like a water jet).
And Later on maybe we can ask them to guest an artist in residence/research centreinside for working with wastes?Or better……can we have our pp workshop there?this would be good.
2)Although… fachstelle kinder und Jugend ,Pfadi and other youth organizations and groups would like to  participate and if we can provide them bins with stamps to add to their schools and offices we can collect sorted at source, plus they can do vermittlung if we can build a small MOBILE SET and ask us object that they need (skate ramp and so) in return.
Anyway Elias found an used shredder in holland certified see and bought it for 100euro…so bring your plastic garbage if your already collecting.
this is by now…

Don’t worry kelly ill keep you posted.

Btw. Good Idea ill probably make a info about what we talked about and post it here or so.

Have a safe trip
and Enjoy the warm Weather

Greetings Jonathan

Hi everyone!

i am traveling now to South Africa and will only return on the 19th of Feb. I will have limited access to Skype but should still be one to mail and message online.

Would someone be able to provide me an update on what is discussed at next Friday’s meeting?

have a great week and enjoy getting together! Sorry to miss it!



Hi Diego,  🙂

Doodle sounds also good, will inform the People i wrote privatly …

ok…i would say that elias didn’t read the doodle idea…i can also do both but it would be better meeting once all…

Hi  together, i’m Elias and starting with Diego PreciousPlastics Bern. We are both next friday (1.2.19) at 14.00 in his Atelier in Bern. If somebody interested would like to come, or partizipate with skype, it would be great.

Hallo zusammen, ich bin Elias und starte mit Diego precious plastics Bern. Wir sind beide nächsten Freitag (1.2.19) ab 14.00 in seinem Atelier in Bern (Progr, nähe Bahnhof). Falls jemand interessiertes gerne vorbeikommen möchte, seid herzlich Willkommen!

If somebody needs translation, i can do it. But for the moment:

Wir wollen mal schauen was für Ideen, know-how, Man-Power, etc. in der Region zu finden sind. Ich und Diego haben nicht das Ziel mit einem PreciousPlastics-Workspace Geld zu machen. Wir finden die Thematik sehr wichtig und uns interessiert eher die Vernetzung von interessierten Menschen, know-how, …

Ich selber bin Fachlehrkraft für technisches Gestalten und an allem technischen sehr interessiert. Ich möchte eine kleinere Anlage bauen, um Schulkinder auf die Plastik-Problematik aufmerksam zu machen und mögliche Lösungsansätze aufzuzeigen. Habe auch ein Atelier in Bern, wo wir die eine oder andere Maschine bauen könnten.

Falls du an einem Austausch interessiert bist, gerne melden. Was daraus wird, werden wir sehen 🙂

Bin gespannt, was wir auf die Beine stellen können…

Sweet I’ll write back if I have any updates

sure.if you go for evenings for me is always good and i think also for elias
and the studio is free. so…just agree on a date next week…or if is impossible we can arrange a Skype or meet one by one.

Hi diego,
nice to hear back from you.
I work the whole week except for Wednesday‘s then I have school in Bern until 15:30.
Friday would work but just later (evening)

Do you want to give me some dates that would work for you and then ill make a Doodle for everyone to signup when it would work for them.

And for those who can’t come we can just setup a skype call and include them.

What do you think diego?

and also…please german and french speaking…if i guest the meeting can you try to invite all the other swiss pp people around bern and zurich(berndutch?)and pp lausanne and so on(french)? if we can have just maybe one person of each hub we can start to plan what machines the community need(a laser cutter maybe?)
really looking forward to meet you in person.
diego and elias

here i am,sorry for the delay.
i have been now in eindhoven for the pp openhouse and i have some budget to put up a starting point of a workshop and i wuold like to do it with coordination of all the other pp group of switzerland…so
if we meet together and we talk is much more easy than writing…what about next friday  at 14 in our atelier in progr?
tell me if it goes
ciao diego

Hi Kelly,
I have picked up Contact with Diego but haven’t heard from him this week since.
Tavi, Mirjam and are in the Process of making a Schredder the Schreddernox should arrive this weekend so it definitely would be cool to have a meeting in Bern.
Diego said he would have a space we could meet ill keep you updated.

Have you built any machines?

Why don’t you contact me over Whatsapp so I can keep you updated ?
077 521 97 05


Hello! So happy to find there are precious plastic enthusiasts close by!
I’m in Lausanne and would love to come through to Bern for this!
i am currently working on creating recycled jewellery and am very new to the processes. The fablabs around here don’t have the necessary machines or knowledge.
please let me know if you set up a meeting and I will come!