Precious plastic T-shirt 100% Cotton on Amazon

Hi all, to fund my project in Italy I have start selling T-shirt on Amazon, available in different colors, here the link


why do they not ship to the netherlands?

i like the idee i want to support

can i order directly?

or are there others who sell these?

Hey all,

I’m launching t-shirts, hoodies and bags too ! check them out:

And don’t worry,  @mattia-io these products are 100% certified organic cotton, made in a factory powered by renewable energy 🙂
I already donate monthly to PP Patreon + commissions from the Bazar, but I will share part of the profits I make with these products back to the community
International delivery to many countries (not all sadly)
I have only designed them, the fulfillment is done by Teemill
I take requests and can draw more original designs… let me know!

@basman @fabirihotmail-com @jegor-m

I will check other options for Europe too, thank you very much.

This is just one of many alternative options… resist Amazon-isation 😉

Oh yhe I see… I read polyester somewhere but it was for not solid colours.
Still remains evil amazon… maybe you can find another producer. Any particular reasons why you’re choosing Amazon? They’re the absolute worst…

@Mattia-io Hi Mattia, I put only solid color T shirt that are 100% Cotton, thank you for the message.

Hi Matthias, I’m sorry for this, unfortunately I don’t produce the shirt but is directly Amazon that do that, so I cannot make any change… how can we do? I could check only for colors 100% cotton (non organic), about the fees you have not to worry, like I wrote in another post, I will send the respective fee money and I will make a monthly update of what I sell. Later I will try make changes, thank you for the advice.

Hello @fabrihotmail-com,

Great to see you’re finding creatives ways to fund your Precious Plastic project. From the Precious Plastic team we have a couple of things we would like to point out and asking you to take notice:

1. The t-shirt should be 100% ORGANIC COTTON. Otherwise, you’re just working against us pumping more polyester in the mess. Also cotton is good, organic cotton is better. Please consider making the necessary changes.

2. Please make sure you sell the t-shirt on the Bazar, this way you would be supporting Precious Plastic (with the small commission) and not yankee-giant-monster-eat-everything-kill-everyone Amazon.

We would very much appreciate you taking this points seriously and change your plan where needed.


From tomorrow there will be others colors and long sleeve available, thank you for the suggestion.

@fabirihotmail-com, what do you think of a white t-shirt as a base?

It only work for in USA, we have to find someone from there that could ship here in Europe.

These are excellent my friend. I will highly consider buying one.

Here the photo.