Precious Plastic T-Shirt

Hey everyone!

To help raise funds for version 3 I was thinking we could design and sell some Precious Plastic t-shirts using a print-on-demand supplier such as

Do you think this would work? And what are some cool design ideas we could print?


I like, great Idea! 😀
If avilable, I would buy one!

Some proposals for designs:
-illustrated machines
-poster collect plastic (bring your clean sorted plastic)
-recycle symbols for PET, HDPE, PVC, LDPE, PP, PS and O

thanks @flo-2, yup, I found it. Ok then, I am not much of a designer but if you say it’s ok on a T-shirt which can be also sold, then lets go 🙂 Somehow, I’d love that you guys doing this $$ pickup yourself. We and others would definitively buy those T-shirts in 3 different variants : one for the workshop, one for causal being outside (discrete please) and a neat jacket as well; of course as long it’s looking kinda great too 🙂 thanks

i’m a bit confused, you mean the normal precious plastic flag? You can find that in the download pack on
hope that helps,
all the best


@flo-2, any chance to get the source files for the flag or whatever should be on those t-shirts ? doing it from scratch cost us quite a lot more, we have no in-house designer …

@javierrivera haha nice one!
Nice that such “old” ideas get revived! 😀

thanks @javierrivera ! I was about doing this that days just that I got stuck getting something neat looking; Someone has may be better designs (illustrator,etc…) ?

Hey all,
I’m launching t-shirts, hoodies and bags too ! check them out:

– Made with 100% certified organic cotton,
– made in a factory powered by renewable energy 🙂
– I already donate monthly to PP Patreon + commissions from the Bazar, but I will share part of the profits I make with these products back to the community
– International delivery to many countries (not all sadly)
– I have only designed them, the fulfillment is done by Teemill
– I take requests and can draw more original designs… let me know!

your message inspired me to make this one!

@juanpc @trisaratops @gavinsmith

Where can I get one?

Okay great!! I’ll work on some designs soon- just got everyone responding to my emails at once :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Great idea! I’m also in 😀

Nice idea! I definitely want one! 😀