[Precious Plastic] Translating our content

Hello dear members!

This topic is for everyone that wants to help us out translating our content. (download kit/videos/website) We love that! But to be honest we haven’t find a proper way to do this yet and haven’t really got the time to get involved. So this topic is to bring everyone together, maybe some of you have some great ideas or want to get started on something.
In the end the more languages we have the more people it reaches!

Good luck and thanks for helping out!


Hi Dave, as I told the mail, I would like to help in translation, but need the font to make it look more or less the same way. A greeting!!

If you want to contribute to translating content, please look at this post.
This topic here is outdated, so, to avoid confusion, I’ll close this.


Hi, i don’t have too much time right now but i can help in Italian translation if needed, let me know, Thanks

Hello guys,
I wanted to add Czech subtitles for new PP video on dave hakkens youtube chanel, but I can’t cause it is not allowed.

Can you guys change it? 🙂


Hi everyone !

I am Tunisian and french speaker, and I can translate from English to French ! Would be really pleased to help translating the website contents !
Looking forward to hearing from you 🙂

go for it! @jegor-m. translating the website is tough, but videos is awesome!

OK, there is this: http://onearmy.world/community/forums/topic/precious-plastic-subtitles/

Should we get a topic like that for the V3?

@davehakkens and the team,

Could you please highlight the progress on the translation, so that we could structure the translation, get people on board with that.

It could help if we had a topic with names of people translating and their reports on the progress. We need to structure it properly.

where can I find all the instruction videos in Spanish??

or the text to translate them??

What’s the status of this? I’d like to contribute with translation or review of Portuguese (non-brazilian) but this whole thread is not very usefull in understanding what’s done and what is not…

Hello everybody!!! I really love this project and I’m trying to involve some fellas to start with me the construction of the machines here in Sicily… I will also love to help to traslate these contents in ITALIAN that is my native language and I can also help to do that in SPANISH or FRENCH… LET ME KNOW HOW CAN I HELP U !!! 🙂 Blessings

i want help Translating to hebrew

Hi Dave, my name is Thomas and I would like to help you to translate stuff from english to italian. This would be an honor for me.

Hey there

It would be useful if you make available the transcripts of the videos so we can translate them. Brazilian people need it.


Hi buddy!

I would love to help out with translation to Norwegian.


Hello there. Seems that there have been no korean here for the campaign.
You guys are still working on spreading this movement to more countries on the list shared on the google doc above? If then I’d like to join translation support to make the contents into Korean. If you have any specific deadline to launch it, kindly let me know by your reply. 🙂

Hello,I’m Jacques from China.I think we can use Transifex to translate this project, it must be helpful for spreading it to every corner of the world.
My writing english is not the best,but it’s my pleasure to translate this project to Chinese.

I would love to help with translating YouTube videos!

I can also help translating into Spanish if needed 😀