Precious Plastic trip to Kenya

I read the team is in Kenya at the moment, and saw the picture in the facebook community. Can we get more information about the plans and the idea behind this trip? I’d love to find out more, I can imagine it will be very similar to what I’m doing in Senegal at the moment. If so, it would be extremely useful to exchange our experiences…


They do a project with united nations to set up a full work space there. Not sure how much I can tell you yet. Will be covered in the coming monthly news!

hi @madsbloch here you can find their profile @preciousplastic-kissi. Good luck! 🙂

Hi @davehakkens

Mads from the Cape Town project here.

Edwin our main man at the project here is from Kenya and need to go back home to he´s home country. He would like to get in contact with the Kenya project. Could you provide us with a contact e-mail or phone?


working on the video 🙂

Thanks. Loved the monthly update video. Hope to find out more details soon!