Precious Plastic – V3.0 Need Feedback

Hello Community,

Recently we have started thinking on Precious Plastic Version 3.0

Since we’ve launched in March 2016 many of you got on board sharing, helping, providing feedback (we need more), building the machines and getting their hands dirty with plastic recycling. We’re truly proud of you all.

…And let’s admit it, it’s a lot of fun!

Based on the feedback from people building the machines all around the world, people trying to get started and the thousands emails we’ve received, we’ve come to realize the urgent need for a new version of Precious Plastic before we lose the momentum. The new version will make it easier for people to connect, stay safe, collaborate, find people, stores or scrapyards, learn how to make a Precious Plastic business and much more.

We have a list of things we believe should be improved but we would like to know what our community has to say in regards. Below is a list of areas, topics, needs and features we believe are key to the future success and scaling of Precious Plastic.

Is there anything we’re missing out?

Comment below and let us know how you would improve Precious Plastic.



**We realize that at this moment in time Precious Plastic is held back from a fallancy in our online platform. We see many possible connections being missed out because we’re lacking an updated digital platform for people to connect locally and effectively. Connect between themselves, investors, machine builders, people with spaces but also a digital platform that makes it easy to find recommended shops, scrap yards, favorite hardware store, online stores and difference nodes in the Precious Plastic worldwide ecosystem.


**The current machines work good and do the job. However, from the feed backs of many of you, we now have a series of improvements and hacks that we would like to work on and implement in V 3.0 to make the machines more safe, efficient and cost effective.


**Precious Plastic is now at a point where many people around the world have built the machines but are still struggling with running them effectively. In Version 3.0 we want to focus on products made with Precious Plastic methodologies. From the conceptual stage to design thinking and execution we would like to help our people make the best possible products. Products that look great and last long elevating plastic status quo. As usual, we would be sharing video tutorials for free for everyone on our website.


**It has become clear that we need to ease the building process to get more people recycling. Even though we will not sell the entire machines, we will look into providing started kits for some of the most complex parts. We will need to develop partnerships with business to make it easier for Precious Plastic communities around the world to buy kits for each machine and help getting started.


**Working with business experts we want create an open source business model for Precious Plastic ventures around the world. This will help people turn plastic waste into a business. It is precisely within this market oriented approach that we see the greatest potentials for a beneficial chain reaction that can boost plastic recycling and improve livelihoods around the world.


**We don’t make money with Precious Plastic. Actually, we invest a lot of our own money & time. Sometimes we get grants, awards or donations (thanks) but it is not enough. We would like to opensource the funding process so that all of you could help us to keep Precious Plastic alive.


**We think that Precious Plastic is much more than a bunch of geeks 🙂 machine builders, we like to think of Precious Plastic as a movement of like-minded plastic heroes. To align people’s views and opinions we have been flirting with the idea of creating a manifesto to outline Precious Plastic’s philosophy.


**People all around the world are getting started recycling plastic waste. Soon there will be a lot of Precious Plastic objects being made. We think there will be soon the need for a digital marketplace to ease the exchange of Precious Plastic goods.


**A dream of us at Precious Plastic is to create a fund for people with less financial means to finance the purchase of the components and tools to create their own Precious Plastic workshop and get started with plastic recycling.

These are the most crucial things we would like to works on for version 3.0 But we welcome any feedback or suggestions. In the end, we want to make it easier for you to get started. Let us know if there is anything missing or can be improved.


You should make it possible to search among the members of the community city to city

@davidpaag Maybe this thread is of your interest:

@juka, +1 i searched for this details too but couldn’t find much. at the end, you need a hell of spare time to figure this on your own, also because most machinery will vary from the original and so it’s pretty hard to give general numbers.

Hi guys,
i am looking for standard operating procedures for the first two machines, are they on the site somewhere? If so can u direct me in the right direction, if not is some already working on this to share notes?
we are looking for details like x amount of grams for a tile mold, x amount of minutes waiting for the machine to heat, wait x amount of minute for mold to cool off, how best to extract tile from mold, can u use water to cool article off?
kind regards

We to are very interested in getting started with the machines, think it would be great to have larger designed machines as well. Here in Wisconsin we have dozens of very large dairy farms the produce hundreds of 55,30,15 and 5 gallon containers on a daily basis.

The shredder and a block press would have to increase to handle these larger items even though most could be cut down with like a sawzall or whatever the the big drums can have some serious thickness at stress joints and would take forever to shred with the current size machine; but still have the machine diy so not to break the banks so to speak.

Not so interested in making end products with molds but for sure with our CNC and making stock blocks and cylinders or pelletize for resale.

Our 2 cents. 🙂

Thanks – Jeff and Sue

MATERIALS NEEDED! Even though the motivation for this project is that there is to much plastic waste, i just can’t get enough!

I collect my own plastic waste, plus my neighbors and whatever i pass by, but once it is sorted into types and colors and grinded down, i have very little of each type. And since i spend all of my spare time designing and testing molds, i simply cannot find the time to find more plastic waste.

SO; i need a material shop, and , i’m willing to pay 10 – 20 times the price of virgin material !!

There must be someone out there willing to go out and hunt plastic waste, clean it and grind it down for sales. Obviously these should be somewhat local, but with the right setup it should be justifiable to ship it around a bit aswell.

Even if you disregard the fact that recycled plastics is good for everyone, a single maker will have to purchase a MINIMUM OF 1 TONNES OF PLASTIC, to order from most EU plastic distributors. In other words, only for big corps.
I cannot find any suppliers selling below 1 tonnes of plastic. I’d love to buy 2-10 kg at a time, for around 5-10 Eruos pr kg depending on type and quality.

This is truly a blue ocean concept.

Another Idea will be build another section of the forum where you can trade parts, molds, machines ETC this way we all we can have a little bit of everything.

hi i got the solution

I am really excited about Precious Plastics. I lived in Mexico for about 16 years and I know there are a lot of plastics being wasted there. These machines will help people make cottage businesses that build economies and clean up waste.

I have a suggestion for the press machine for 3.0.

I have built a Cinva Ram machine for making Compressed Earth blocks and I think this same concept could be used instead of the car jack. The Cinva press applies something like 40,000 pounds of pressure to an earthen block and the most important part is that it is very easy and fast to use.

important resource on soil testing for CEB

There are also thousands of videos showing how to build and use these. (I have watched each of them 🙂


Hi, just divide all the millimetre measurements by 25.4

ie 1 inch is exactly 25.4 mm

2 inch = 50.8 mm

Hey @balba,

I like what you are doing in modifying the shredder. The press system is very innovative. Could you explain what motivated you to add the press system and if it has been effective?

Thank you – great work!

Yours truly,


So ? Can’t wait ! 🙂 When is the 3.0 plastic injection machine ready to fire ?

Greetings from France





One of our forum members converted the shredder drawings to imperial units. No one have tested cutting a shredder with his drawings yet but theoretically, they should work just fine. More info here:

That shredder looks awesome, congratulations. If you want, feel free to create your own topic under Machine Building to document your shredder building process and share pictures with the community 🙂

Do a Ted talk! You’re doing exactly the sort of fix-the-world thing they’re looking for.
You could spread the message to a wide audience of people open who care about the plastic problem but don’t know what to do.
(Anyone can nominate Dave by clicking here )

Metric or imperial is really irrelevant, all you really need is whatever fits.
US, Africa, SE Asia, everywhere I’ve worked I’ve always had to make do with what’s at hand. Kinda like a recipe – if you want it exactly do the word for work but sometimes ballpark is fine also. Stuff can be built up or down as required or what you have.
Biggest problem for the extruder is the pipe the screw goes in. Most pipe in the US is rolled and welded leaving a seam on the inside and difficult to remove, sigh. DOM (Drawn Over Mandrel) can maybe work, it’s better than seamed but not as good as extruded.

@akshayraje111 hey akshay im from India and im making these machines myself. If you wanna know more contact me at
Are you interested in buying machines or you wanna make them yourself?


i have also bild a shredder, see the pickture below. Also on facebook look at MorrenTrading.

But your shredder is also verry nice, I think I wil bild also one !

regards Albert
From Holland

hey hiii,
this is Akshay Pathak from India i want buy this set can u provide information and all specifications to me??