[Precious Plastic] Vote for our new logo

So, here we are, the third step of our collective Precious Plastic logo creating. We’re edging closer to the finished thing and it’s all getting very exciting!

First, we wanted you to post concepts or ideas that you feel would describe Precious Plastic. Then, we wanted you to, using these ideas and concepts, provide us with sketches and/or outlines for a logo. Now, it’s time for you to vote on the submitted logos in order for us to get a Top 5.

After we’ve gotten a Top 5 we’ll refine those suggestions, then post a final round of voting. After that, Precious Plastic will have a logo!

For this challenge, the comments have been closed as we only want votes. Vote by clicking on the heart under your favorite concepts. (Yes, you can vote on more than one.) Also, all posts have been made by DaveHakkens.nl ascribing each post to the creator of the concept.

Get voting!
Voting is closed. 5 logo’s are selected.


Voting for this round is now closed!
We would like to thank everyone who took the time to participate and stay tuned for the next, and last round!
After that Precious Plastic gets its logo!