Precious Plastic Wiki

I set up a Precious Plastic Wiki ( Now we just need some media wiki pros to hack it into shape. And, of course, some more awesome content.

Oh yeah, the code lives at

It would be good to start some kind of spreadsheet (or a wiki page) of motors that work. I’m sure this is going to be something that other folks struggle with.

I almost seeing each machine having its own wiki. Similar to what the folks over at Shapeoko have setup for their machine. See Something like this would allow people to add content for the specific plastic machines.

The wiki is currently down

Hi @rob,

Is the wiki page down at the moment?

@robksawyer I would love to do that, but I’m currently busy with my internship… as soon as the holidays start, I’ll start building such a page!

@redgurrillia Would you mind starting this page (CAD Overview?)? I could use some help testing to ensure that folks are able to add items. Once it’s complete, I’ll add it to the sidebar under the Production section (unless you have a better idea).

Because I see a lot of questions on the forum about the CAD format, you might want to add a section in the wiki on how to open/convert the cad drawings.

maybe even add the same drawings in different format for people to download there.

@enviro Thanks!

I wanted to let everyone know that if you recently tried to create an account on the Precious Plastic Wiki, please try again. We mistakingly had account creation and editing turned off in the settings.

And lastly, the team is looking forward to your contributions.

Moved your topic here @robksawyer