Prep before shredding using a TLUD

We had some trouble coming up with a good system for label removal and cleaning… I’ve read some other people have too… some even result to hair dryers and that sort of thing. We’ve had some success using a TLUD for removing labels and washing prior to shredding, so I thought I’d share
A TLUD is a simple biomass fueled gasifier (we use wood chips), it burns hot and clean and yields charcoal as a byproduct. These are DIY appliances… very easy for someone with a little fabrication background

First we’ll heat labels up over the flue, while heating water in a pot on the cooking surface. Most labels peel off very easily after a little heat. Then we’ll use naptha to remove glue. We’ll cut bottles in half and rinse in hot water. We’ll shred them wet to cut down on dust and contain microplastics.

The TLUD pictured here will heat about 3 gallons to boiling in 20 minutes. It runs for about an hour before dousing and refueling is necessary.


I like this idea and I think I will fabricate something similar. Do you have additional pictures or more explanation of how you designed yours? I’m sure I could figure it out and it looks pretty straight forward, just trying to get a better idea on the innards of your heating device.