Preserve Ocean and Marine Life!

The flow of plastics into our environment has reached to crisis level, and the evidence is clearly visible in our oceans. Ocean pollution has become a major threat to both marine life and ocean ecosystems. It is estimated that up to 12 million metric tons of plastic enter into our oceans each year.

Our environment can no longer sustain a culture of throwaway plastics. Single-use plastics are filling up our landfills and contaminating our rivers and oceans. Plastics have almost entered into every level of ocean food chain and has ended up with seafood on our plates.
It’s difficult to clean up large-scale pollution that has occurred once, so the best plan is to prevent it. Changes can be made both at an individual and global level to make a big impact in saving our oceans and marine life.
Following preventive measures can be taken at individual level to save oceans-
1- Reduce your Single-use plastics.
2- Recycle plastics as much as possible.
3- Show active participation in beach or river clean up and motivate others.
4- Support Bans.
5- Avoid using products having “Plastic Microbeads” like some scrubs, toothpaste or body washes etc.
6- Keep yourself informed regarding issues and solutions to pollution and also make others also aware.
7- Support organizations dealing with Plastic pollution.

Steps being taken at global level to reduce ocean pollution-
Big companies and organizations are also contributing to preserving oceans and marine life. These big companies like Coke, Pepsi, Starbucks, Dell, McDonald’s, Unilever, Nestle, Addidas, Reebok and Procter and Gamble are making efforts to save oceans in different innovative ways like recycling ocean plastics into Bottles, clothes, and footwear.
Together, we can make a difference for our oceans!!
Some of the innovations made by these companies by recycling ocean plastics are-