Problems with the new schreder version

Hi everyone,
I bought laser cut parts for the schreder a discovered that the list contains only 13 units of 6mm “KnifeSpacer’s” and 13 units of 5mm “FixedKnife Big”.
Considering that the rotating knives are 15 isn’t it supposed to be 14 units for both “KnifeSpacer” and “FixedKnife Big”?
Or am I doing something wrong.

i wouldn’t take quantities too seriously either, especially if you’re aiming at professional use please consider to put 5 more blades in there.

you can find CAD sources files in the download package, there is file you can open in Fusion-360 (free) and so you can re-arrange all easily to your needs.

if you add 5 more blades, consider to use at least a 4 hp motor….

I don’t know why, maybe it’s meant to be spare parts, but there is one rotating blade and one small fixed blade too much. You only use 14 rotating blades.

i placed here the shredder as inspect-able online model where you can create intersection planes but also you can ‘explode’ the shredder