Problems with the Quantities of the lasercut pieces

Hi everyone!

I downloaded the files for the Shredder but here there seems to be a problem with the actual quantities of pieces in each measures. For example for the 3(mm) pieces, in the the PDF overview and the combined laserfiles DWG shows 8 diferent pieces but in the individual DWG files for each one there are 9 different pieces for 3(mm), more specifically, the “Sieve” is included here, but it is also included in the 6(mm) overview. So should I take in consideration to use the individual files? Also, some Lasercut companies told me that there are some measures that are too tiny to be cut so should I do it with a Hydrocut companie? Thnaks!!

you can scrap the 6mm sieve parts that should be 3mm!!!
Too late in the Dutch evening now but I will a recount tomorrow and let you know and see if I can get it changed in the download package.
The laser company we used did not have any problems, all fitted well.
The only tricky things I can come up with are the small holes for the sieve in the side plate and the long rectangular holes in the 6mm sideplates for the 3mm frame part.

Take a company that doesn’t have problems with the smaal holes ;). Or let thm skip the problems and I could sent you a drawing to drill them by hand or something……