Production Losses

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Are there any production losses (weight losses) during the production process?

if input is 1 kg plastic (raw material) would I get finished products 1 kg or less?


Yes there is some waste material from most of these processes. There is plastic lost between the extruder and the mould and in injection pipe, and if you switch between different materials there is a transition of mixed plastics.

@snowpoff technically yes, simply put; you get out what you put in.

However in practice you can experience a slight difference in weight, as thermoplastics will absorb moisture from the atmosphere during shelf-time (and very much so adding to the life-time and cleaning with recycled plastics), so depending on how much water it contains before you use it, and how much will evaporate during the molding (and compression), it might weigh less afterwards – this is however only noticeable in very large amounts and does not mean that there is a waste of thermoplastic.

@davidpaag What about the compressor? Without excess in barrels will there be a 1:1 weight conversion?