Put a search box in the forums

I have found some amazing post in this forums, and I have found tons of pretty much generic post with questions and random thoughts. What if, we could have a way to “search” for specific words in the titles or even inside the posts.

Anyone else think this could be a great idea?


I think its a geat idea as well as maybe a tag system so you can pull up all posts within that tag Just putting it out there for example all post to do with PET or LDPE etc…

@erknost, @plastikfantastik, There is a search option in the main forum page

I agree, it is very time consuming reading everything to find what you want

Thanks it works a treat.

@erknost @plastikfantastik
If you scroll down on the page a bit to “extras”, you can find “Search the forums” 😉
Give it a try!