Quality shredders for real cheap

Hey guys, I have been having lots of success/wins/validated learning around building multiple shredders for really cheap! Best we have a thread dedicated to this since being a few months into my PP journey, getting a shredder going seems to be a big hurdle to get over. I envision anyone should be able to have their own DIY at home PP shop to work from, therefore this machine should be really cheap, safe and easy to assemble. The stay at home parent should be able to start their own part-time PP business.

One shredder I stumbled across that had immediate results was a electric chipper/shredder. These sell for new for around $100-200, I got mine in a buy and sell site (kijiji) for $25. 15A, 2-3HP motor, dual high speed rotating blades. I put some 2-3mm PP through it, and it did a good job first pass through the machine! The upside, is wow, a shredder for 25bucks!!! The downside is the paddle to push the plastic into the machine is designed for bulky branches (I’ll try modifying it). Also if you put too large chunks of plastic into the machine it doesn’t feed easily. And some chunks will need to be fed through again.

Machine Score
Time to  source parts and build the machine (zero you buy it and use it in seconds): 10/10
Operating the machine (it’s noisy and you have to prepare your large plastic): 6/10
Speed of shredding (once you get the hang of it I think you can easily do 10kg/hr or way more) : 7/10
Quality of Shred first pass on hard plastics (soft not experimented with): 8/10
Cost to build: 10/10

Overall score: 8.25

My other two cheap shredder projects are:
1.) I bought a commercial paper shredder for $85, massive machine!!! It was “Made in West Germany” so built a long time ago but built to last, and I am working to bring it to life for plastic use.
2.) I bought an old painted/rusted steel fence for $20, I envision building a shredder box out of it without a laser cutter or even a welder or metal lathe. Challenge here is can you with very basic tools and shitty metal create a functional shredder?

Please share your own wins and “validated learnings”!

That’s a very good post and start, thanks for the insights and efforts and sharing this here. I am transferring the key points to the shredder wiki page (most wanted).