Question concerning the electronics

Hello Dave, hello everyone

My name is Lukas and i’m from Switzerland. I want to build the extrusion machine and if I can do it, I will experiment with plastic.

Now my question: On the electronics scheme, there are SSR relays. I found SSR relays with output 24V-280V but none with 24V-380V. Does it have to be a SSR Relay with output 24V-380V or can I use other ones?

Note: I’m not a native English speaker, so there are probably some mistakes in my text.
Kind regards


Honestly i’m not 100% sure Lukas, not a technician. Perhaps @keesdeligt knows?
Or try it out yourself and let us know, sharing knowledge 🙂

Hi Lukas,

the 24/380 refers to the limits, so if you can find 24V/280 or 24V/230 it is sufficient.
I assume you use 230V heaters…

You might want to check the amperage though, that’s a more important value…

regards kees