Questions from a cutting company

I was talking with a laser cutter company and they asked me what GAGE does it need to be on? can anyone help me with this.

Thank you.

Oops, are they running a steampowered Laser cutter? 😉

For a metric guy, there is nog logic in the gauge story. As far as I know only used in the U.S.A. The higher the number the thinner the sheet. Its origin is a weight (1 ounce) flattened and rolled out to an area (square feet). the thicker the sheet, the less sq.feet you can make out of 1 ounce. (As explained to me by a old American metalworker in the 90’s 😉 )
To make it more confusing… the Weight in above story make… different materials have different gauge charts!!!
Sheet metal Gauge chart

Be sure to recalculated some drawings and or double check the gaps between the knifes. You don’t want them to hit each other….

Regards Kees