Quick Release Clamp

Think about injection molding without the need of unscrewing the mold from the machine and the mold haves from each other. If it sounds awesome then check out his perfect proof of concept.


The caps were purchased at a metal supply shop and I’m sure are readily available. This means that you don’t need to do any milling and it will work for both resign and metal molds. It also means construction of the clamp is quick and easy!

This is a great bit of work will you release the drawings on how to make it? Also how big can you go and how do you know the mold is full?

@jradcoolness that technic would be perfect to keep the mold closed without any screw!

to  avoid the licking of plastic when the mold is away use if you like a water tap!

@andyn   “car jack under the nozzle “for me this is the most quick and best way to use the injection!

Nice idea, but clamped to the end of the barrel like that it will act as a huge heat sink. Better to attach it to the frame of the machine.

Another way is to stand a car jack under the nozzle.