What about adding plastic type logo’s on recycled items so that it’s still an option to recycle the recycled items without having to guess the plastic type.

branding iron
or emboss in the mold


Good idea! Currently I’m planning to buy bulk lego sets (Legos are made of ABS) or collect plastic from family and friends to grind into filament for a 3D printer me and my dad are making. Once we decide something is broken or of no use we could grind the 3D printed object back to filament and start the process again. Grind, melt, print, repeat! 😀

@fantasticplastix I really doubt they’re is, I mean it’s a universal symbol with a number in it. If that’s trademarked then I’ll just have to break that law

@epickitten Good idea the more you recycle at home the less waste there

@isfantasticplastix Laws are made and enforced by the ones that are most corrupt… Bureaucrats. Common sense has more value. F#$% the law!

Are there any laws that don’t allow us to post recycling numbers on stuff we make? (I could see how this might be a problem, if people put the wrong numbers and then numbers start becoming unreliable)