Re-Thinking the shredder

Well im new here, but im impressed by the simple yet so powerfull ideas behind this whole project. In my opinion efficiency needs to be the name of the game, im starting to build the shredder since i believe this is one of the items that has the greater impact.

I need feed back from the current users regarding the blades, since i believe this is were i will be more focused on, what materials have you tryied? what duration do you see on the blades(pouds shredded before going dull)? etc.

Any feedback is more than welcome.


Hey @arriaza
Welcome to the forums! 🙂
I moved your topic to “machine developement”, this way others can more easily find it.


Hey @arriaza… I don’t think the blades going dull will ever be a serious problem. If you’re going by Dave’s original plans and you use 5/6mm Stainless Steel blades then they will last a long time…
I’ve been using mild steel and they’re still going strong and sharp.
Another benefit of the current blade design is that you can easily sharpen them if they ever do get blunt ^^