Recycle polythene papers & bottles to plastic pole

Dear sir/madam,
                        I watched your video on Youtube on how you recycle plastic and I was very impressed. Is it possible to recycle polythene papers and plastic soft drinks bottles into plastic poles for fencing? For a very long time, I have been planning to start such a venture in my country Kenya (East Africa), where there is a lot of waste plastic that can be recycled and where the need for alternative to wooden poles is very high due to the high rate of deforestation.
                        The main purpose of this email is to inquire whether I can purchase the machines needed for this recycling of waste plastic to poles from you. If this is possible, please let me know the total cost of buying all the required machines and shipping them to Kenya.
                        Secondly, I wish to inquire whether polythene bags and plastic soft drinks bottles can be recycled into plastic poles.
                        Thank you and GOD Bless.

Yours sincerely,
Bonface Kinoti Gatobu.


Hi @kinotigatobu


I think you find a lot of answers in this topic:

Project Kamp: Sustainable Construction Methods 

As regarding the “buying of machines”, this is more of a DIY community, not tech support for machine selling, so you could find out how to build the machines yourself to make the poles, by interacting with the forum, but there are no ‘ready to use’ machines for sale here (except some basic machines, still in development in the Precious Plastic Bazar , which is a platform seperate from this one).


So in short:

All you want to do is possible, except buying an of the shelve machine.

You could however see if somebody near you could help you build the machines for you on the map.


I hope this helps.