Recycling codes on your products

Hello there!
as we can see there are a lot of us who trying to produce plastic products and sell them to have some impact from there job. That mean, that everyone of us is a Producer (I don’t know how it sound in english 🙂 ) .
every of our product is recycable that means that some time after productuin it could get to anyone of us. and it should be sorted and recycle again.
That means that We should Mark our products with Recycling Signs.Thats very important moment.

I think we shouyld make a document with suggestions. and every of our community should sign it:
‘Im plastic recycler. I want to recycle plastic into new valuable product and i understand that every my product should be easy recycalble again. Thats why Im guarantee a Recycling Sign on every my product!’
some thing like that
An idea is simple. It could be metal stamps wich you can heat and make sign on your product or you should make a mold with sign in it (if you know that it should be only one plastic type)



I also had a topic about it here: material type traceability

working on it, see here.

@andyn do you have some ready for sale now?


At precious plastic HQ we work on the stamps as well. Keep you guys updated.

Okey waiting for Marketplace

I did make some prototype stamps, seen in this thread, and have since improved the design and added other plastic types. I planned to offer these for sale cheaply to other Precious Plastics members, but there isn’t currently a convenient way to do this. Some people have listed stuff on ebay, but it’s hard to communicate it to others. I’m waiting for the PP Digital Marketplace that was mentioned as part of V3.0. I’m sure many of us have useful items also that could be offered for sale/exchange.