Recycling friends

Hello I am Julian of Atlanta, Geogria, United States. I am Colombian.
I am trying to figure out how to build these machines, my uncle who studied at Geogria Tech says he can build it for me.
Whoever would like to become friends and we can be friends on facebook or instagram. Contact me at my email:

I am looking to connect with people who are interested in the Precious Plastic project and plastic recycling or general recycling. So feel free to conect with me.


Hi Julian!

I’m Ana from Lisbon, Portugal.
I was interested on starting a PP here but had few friends interested and no avaiability of time and…worse, resources!
I manage to start with some help, so, I leave you with the few input I can so far: try making a presentation of the project on your faculty, just to show the promotional movie and start a debate. I’m pretty sure you’ll find some people interested on meeting to move the project forward.

Also, talk with your teachers.

I hope it helps!

Start saving money as well, the laser cut parts and motors used for the projects are not cheap at all 😉