Recycling HIPS and PS

So we are currently in the process of designing a few products from recycled plastic at Precious Plastic Monash.

There is hesitation in using PS our of concern that harmful gases will be released in the melting process. From my understanding HIPS, is PS with the additive of polybutadiene, which is also present in ABS. I know that these plastics have been recycled before by precious plastic members but I just need clarification.

Should we have concerns when melting this type of plastic? If so can you make recommendations on alternative high impact resistant plastics.

If possible please provide research papers.


@zacvass , I’ve looked but I don’t think you will find significant or sufficient fume safety information on this site. Since you are at a university, collaboration with the chemistry and biomedical departments is a much better approach. The university safety department may be another required participant.

Online there are some starting points and and of course the safety data sheets for the materials. These are all introductory, your process should be assessed individually.

Actually, the results of your university’s safety assessment would be great information to post here to help raise the information level. I have not seen any posts from the V4 team on the planned safety task. We are recreating industrial processes without the resources and rigor required in industry. Concerns about safety should always be present.

Good luck

@vnstania I have done the survey. please publish results when you get them it would be a very interesting read. Great Work!!!  and good luck

@s2019 thanks for the suggestion! I’ve posted it on the new topic:

Everyone can participate in the survey. Feel free to join! 🙂

@vnstania I’m glad you are looking into the safety aspects. Perhaps you should start a new topic just for your survey so it is more visible.

Hi! I’m doing some research for safety in Precious Plastic recycling process and I really need your help. Before doing any sampling for specific hazard, the plan is to do risk assessment for the whole process and have an overview on how the members perceive PP safety.

I hope all of you can participate into this survey by filling out this form: It takes approximately 5-8 minutes to complete. Feel free to also spread the word 🙂 @pporg @s2019

yeah, not knowing what i am saying but to be sure : make sure you have huge windows or doors, always open, always some air moving, garage, workshop, class room, doesn’t matter. if you still smell stuff, wear gas masks if you intend to stay longer around. there were some voices here saying that some types are harmless, … but yet, it’s a chemical substance entering your body.