Recycling in Dubai


As with everywhere in the world, Dubai and the Middle East has problems with too much plastic finding its way into the landfills and oceans. I plan to use what Dave has shared to start a side business around recycling plastic, mashed together with educating people and creating a community and a space for like minded folk to hang out.

I am based in Dubai and would like to meet like minded people and chat about the opportunities, level of involvement and thrash about some ideas about what you think is possible in Dubai.

Keen to meet up and chat . . . if you know Cafe Rider in Al Quoz . . . great place to meet . . . let start the ball rolling here and make a difference.

Let me know who is keen to meet up and then we can look for a suitable day and time . . . I will have something up and running in 2018 . . . timebox, commit, do.


P.S. Blow me away with your enthusiasm.


Hello Ian,

I run a recycling company here in Dubai.

Just found out about this forum/concept/idea.
Sounds super cool.

Let’s meet very soon so you can tell me more about your plan.
You may reach me at and +971 55 601 92 33


Hello Ian

I can build the machines for your project, I am here in Mexico, the cost to build these machines are more competitive than Dubai and other countries like Chines or even US

Let me know