Recycling of PET+ALU+PE foil packaging

We are trying to recycle PET+ALU+PE foil. Instead of separating the materials (What is very difficult) we are trying to shred them and than compress them together into a mold. Making a new composite material.
We have done some rough tests as you can see in the picture. The material that comes our is very lightweight but strong. Because the aluminum is very moldable, it does not melt but it molds together with the PET and PE.
Does anyone has experience doing this combination?
What problems could we have combining this 3 materials?
Any good suggestions for end products that we could mold?


I’ll be honest with you. These kind of product is one of the most difficult to separate. Try to put on NaOH.

Hi marcelozp, do you know an alternative that is achievable in a low cost environment? what chemicals do you use to separate them?

dont put Al on the extruder. you need to separate chemically.

Well both materials have quite a different melting temperature. So if one melts the others is probably a little bit across its comfort zone. So it tends to get more sticky. And preferably you would separate materials, keeping them pure. For instance only PET or PE. But I can imagine its not doable with the foils you are working with…

Hi Dave, What do you mind about melting PET and PE together? can it tend to get sticky in the molds?