Remaking a Fellowes90 paper-shredder

So i’m starting to remake this shredder that i bought for 60 EUR second-hand. The product description stated it could shred credit-cards and CD’s, so i thought it might be strong enough to shred most household plastics – and it is! So far so good. I removed safety features and LEDS to keep it simple, so now to the tough part;
1. Plastic gets stuck within the shredder-teeth.
2. Can only run 24 minutes.
3. Hard to feed larger items due to tiny teeth.

I’m not sure what make and model of shredder I’m working with but there are some out there with much more suitable blades.

I think the problem is that you have a “strip-cutting” shredder.
Where the one in my picture is a “cross-cut” model.

sorry to get your hopes up, thats just a picture of an industrial quad axle shredder i found on google image search. I’m using a fellows 90 as well trying to retool it to be more efficient and clean auto clean the blades easier. I am thinking about getting some parts laser cut to fill in the spaces better.

@gcadou the teeth in your photo looks better than both mine and @davidpaag

can you give us some more details of what this is in the photo.

How is this going guys? @edgeeffect @davidpaag I am also taking apart a bunch of shredders. I’ve done it about six times now… Right now I have a fellowes cross cut ps-79ci and a couple of Royal 12 sheet shredders. I am thinking about REALLY moding things and making a quad axle shredder

Yes cost is always the issue… I got mine very cheap on E-Bay under “repairs and spares” and have been spending the last few MONTHS trying to replace a damaged gear. :confused:

yes you are right about the blades, mine is a strip-cut and cross-cut is definitively more suitable.
The thing is this beast costs around 500 EUR from new – i got this one only used a few hours for 60 EUR. As it was the only ‘professional / industrial’ shredder i could find used, i had to settle for straight-cut.

My current plan is the cut some teeth into the current wheels, change the spacing with some 3D printed spacers and it should be ready to go.

Here’s a picture with the sheels off…