Removing labels and gum from plastic to reuse

Does anybody know an easy way to remove the labels and gum from the plastic I want to work with?  I soak the label in hot water and the gum is still there. goo off is not viable in the long term and smells horrible. I need something quicker and easier


Some discussion here Depends on what kind of label as well.

Here is a video of a friction label remover and bottle cap trommel.

PET bottle label removing machine/label cap remover for PET bottle recycling

Not sure if the music is exciting enough in the video.

if you do a forum search you will find plenty of information but here is something I found for you How to Remove Sticker Residue from Any Surface - YouTube

@heidimylo , Yeah, the label removal issue does not get a lot of attention. It does not appear to be one of the PP V4 topics so I’m not sure what they do in Eindhoven.
You could potentially buy a gallon of a light oil like WD-40 and use that, but then you need to clean the oil off and you have a bunch of oily labels to get rid of. I use the heatgun methods described in the other thread and then deal with the small amount of residue. I also have not seen anything on whether residual adhesive affects the recycling process.
The problem I found with the hot water approach is that it leaves all the adhesive on the jug. The slow peel approach takes most of it off.

Thank you!  The water use is an issue here in Southern CA with drought and not viable. but the cooking oil and baking soda works but not without effort. I would like to have a solution you dip into and reuse

I have come accross an idea to remove the gum
To remove the label from a milk bottle I fill the bottle with hot tap water  (not to hot the bottle will deform ) when the label gets warm it will peel right off
Now to remove the gum mix 1 Table spoon of any cooking oil and 1 table spoon of Bi-Carb Soda ( Baking Soda ) mix to a past dip your fingar in it and rub it on the gum all over you will see it disapear then after wash the bottle with normal dish soap
This really works