Request assistance to set up a workshop Zimbabwe

Hi l have been following a lot of your work on youtube and am looking to get help to setup a recycling workshop in Bulawayo Zimbabwe’s second largest city.
How can l get some assistance as to how to start one?
Thanking you in advance


I will try it in Mzuzu very likely


Well you’re of to a good start by starting a topic asking for help 🙂

Have you checked the map to see if there’s anybody near you that could help?


Precious Plastic is mainly community driven, so anybody on the map is basically inviting you to ask for help (or be helped). never a problem to reach-out.


I’m from the Netherlands so I won’t be of much help in your case (not because I’m from the Netherlands, but because it ain’t Zimbabwe 😉 ), but I’ll keep an eye out for anything that might be useful.


Untill then, please tell us as much about what you want to achieve as possible, including photo’s, links, anything that might give the community a better insight into your situation.

Make this/your topic 50 pages if need be.

The more info we have, the better we can help!