Reusing plastic as 3D printing Filament Machine

hey **Community!**So I’ve been wondering why local plastic recycling combined with 3D printing isn’t a thing yet. There are already consumer level machines out there than turn old/failed 3D prints back into filament for the printers.This would allow for the production, use and recycling of a product to happen locally. And of course, cut waste!!Now, some students at Michigan University released open source plans for what seems to be the best filament producer to date: Ford Blue Oval Network

anyone have any experience with this? Wanna try building one? Turning waste into filament would allow to create all sorts of models, no molds needed!

Cheers, Mo


There is several people who has tried this (me included) but its not a simple task. Each plastic behaves differently and needs specific tunning for a proper extrusion with thight tolerances.

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