Reversing AC motor

Hi all,

we almost finished the first PP machine, shredder, in Greece.
We are using a single phase 3HP motor with a 50:1 reducer.

The problem is that when we put Cola bottles who tend to be thicker on top they stuck and need to stop the motor.

The solution we think is to add a control unit to reverse the motor’s direction hence to release the stuck plastic and start again.

Has any of you have any schematics/proposals on how to do it? We already think that in the next one we go with VFD and three phase but for now we need to deliver this ASAP….

Thnx a lot in advance for your help.


Show us the terminal box on the motor. Not all single phase motors can be reversed, but if there are 4 or 6 terminals you can probably do it with a DPDT switch.

Yes Andy… took out the case and they are buried inside the winding as you say…
Is a pity since is a brand new motor… at least now we know 🙁

Thnx a lot

Three wires and earth. Unfortunately not reversible, the connection between the windings will be buried inside the motor.


Check 🙂