REX C100

Hi everyone,

I have wired up the circuit as specified on the Injection V1.0 plans however my band heaters will not heat up.
Does anyone know what settings should be selected when performing the initial startup settings on the REX C100?

Thank you,


Hi CHarlie, are you using it with a solid state relay?

Hi win,

we use a td 102, with SSR output, at the moment.
Made in China I guess, rebranded and sold by different companies.

Hi Dave and Kees, in Injection Machine V1.0 Blueprint you say: “Things you can do to improve this machine…Don’t use REX C100 temperature control, poor quality and unreliable.” What temperature control do you recommend instead?

how are your band heaters doing???
Hooked up the electronics for the 2nd version today.
I also ran into the problem of not heating up…
Took me some time (a lot 🙁 ) to figure out, the output of our controllers is DC, so + and – do really matter, for connecting to the SSR relays.