Road Trip to spread the word

Hello, I had an idea for a way to recruit more people into the community, but am not at a point in my life where I could do something like this myself. So, I thought I’d share my idea  and see if it catches someone else’s enthusiasm.  I am in the US, but I think this would work just about anywhere.  Or everywhere.  🙂

I think it would be awesome to build a traveling work space – maybe in an old school bus? – that could travel across the US and demonstrate how plastic could be recycled and reused on a local scale.  I see a lot of problems in the US (and probably many other places) that could be improved if we could just connect the dots.  Specifically, many rural areas of the US are struggling with employment and jobs. And, we are struggling with waste and plastic pollution.  What if each of these small towns ran a PP workshop – providing employment and reducing landfill at the same time!

In my wildest dreams, we could purchase a bus, fit it to be a work space and a living space, travel to various small cities and towns across the country (and maybe other countries as well?) and set up shop for a week.  We could coordinate with community colleges, city counsels, elementary and high schools, etc.  People could buy the products made in the workshop to fund the journey.  Or bring plastic to recycle.  Or donate food to the travelers/educators, or support them with a donation.  Or host them with a nice place to sleep for the week.

The travelers/educators could swap out if the tour continued, and people could commit for a given number of months, or from one location to a destination (and every stop in between.)

What do you think?  Is this a good-crazy idea, or a crazy-crazy idea?