'Role description' for machine builder tinkerer

Hi there,

I’m hoping to recruit a few students in Mumbai to build these machines at a maker space there. Not having a technical background, I’m actually finding it tricky to write an accurate ‘role description’ — hoping to get your advice and feedback on what the critical requirements should be for someone to be able to build this.

Thanks in advance for your help!

I am willing to help you make machines.
Contact me at infofilamentmaker@gmail.com

And I actually now have something for folks to build on, curious to get your thoughts and inputs —

 Academic background (or strong demonstrated interest) in mechanics / electronics / engineering
 Interest in tinkering (e.g. involved with the maker community)
 Experience with rapid prototyping
 Familiarity with machine tools and processes e.g. injection molding, milling, etc.
 Knowledge of plastic types and properties
 Experience working with recycled materials a plus