Rotational Molding Manufacturing Processs

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did you used any cooling system to cool the mold?

Hello @aiehareniego,

have you managed to solve the stickiness problem?


We’ve been trying different types of coating but nothing works. Thank you for your suggestion. We’ll try that one. Sure, I’ll post again some pictures of our work.

That looks sticky! We got a coating from and rotation molding company. (just gave them a call and ask for a bit) We use this from time to time when things tent to get stuck in the mold. It’s called TR-900 Mold Release… Not sure if that helps though. Good luck! Also, always open for more picture, love to see what you are making!

@davehakkens We’re using PET bottles. I see, so that’s why. Here’s the pictures of the result of our last experiment. We only used a small amount of plastics for this experiment (150 grams to be exact).

Do you have any suggestions on what type of coating can we use for it?

Great you build a machine @aiehareniego! Could you share us a picture? Sticky depends what kind of plastic are you using? For instance PE sticks pretty hard, PP doesn’t stick at all. Either way there are also some coatings out there to prevent this.

Hi, my friends and I are working on this project but we are having a problem regarding the mold. Our machine is working perfectly fine, but the result is a failure because the plastic is sticking on the surface of it. Did you use any special type of coating on the mold so that it will not stick on it? We use stainless steel in making it.