Scaled down version of the injector

Hi, I’m wanting to make a  half scale injection machine. I’m an artist and wanting to make small scale jewellery like objects for a participatory art project highlighting the environmental issues of plastic and our human contribution to this planetary mess. Has anyone made a smaller version of the injection machine, or can see any issues with doing this? I’m not a mechanical type of person and am hoping to hand fabricate all the components myself as much as possible (I’m a jewellery/object installation artist). Look forward to hearing your thoughts.

yes, we’ve worked out something in this direction, see here : There are also a few machines on other markets, see ‘desktop injection’. In a couple of weeks we have there another type of machine, screw based. It’s actually stupid simple and pretty cheap to do when you have some equipment (lathe, good welder). Sorry for the self-promo, I wish I could have pointed to more machines 🙂

that’s a machine for around 2500 Euro : 25 Injection Moulding Machine - C R Clarke & Co C R Clarke & Co, obliviously more for small stuff and/or educational purpose.

someone wonders what @andyn is doing all day with that stuff 🙂

I agree, the v3 injection leaves too much left to desire. It’s ok for a few parts but producing, shipping and using it definitely a PITA. Not only that, it’s also unsuited for many other things:  easy to move to a exhibition or teen workshop. It feels and looks like a forgotten one week trial project, lol. there should be indeed a mobile ‘starter kit’, cheap and light weight. as soon people figure how this works and get the taste they gonna switch to something more fitted to their first project/product. blowing all the precious money on a half baken 1700 Euro injection with yet the most cheap heat bands and clamp system doesn’t make sense to most of us though. Seems even odd to me that the injection machines are the more requested machines we have but there’s no update in v4 … soo much to go still.

anyway, I think @s2019 has done remarkable progress in that direction too, I think your and his work should be picked up and put into shape sometime soon 🙂 A stupid simple to reproduce desktop injection which works with smaller house hold waste could do a funtastic job for PP, yield vise though.

This one I built a couple of years ago and it’s had a lot of use since then, I always meant to paint it and make a proper handle to go on the end of the lever but never got round to it. I did change the angle of the feed shute as it wasn’t steep enough for shredded plastic.

nice work @andyn, reminds me to collect all the community machines into something more visible.

Scaling down makes a lot of sense. Personally I think the PP injector is quite an ambitious size for a manual machine and it’s hard to use it at its full capacity.


The only downside is you get less volume, so you need to think about what parts you will want to make, but the big advantage of scaling down is you can generate higher pressure which allows you to make more detailed parts with a better finish.


I built a small injector about 20cc with only a single 120w heat band, works great.

Some additional discussion of smaller machine concepts here . Note, when you are planning the volume of the machine, you do not get the full stroke volume in the final plastic product.