Scaled .dwg files lasercutting

Hallo Dave,

I’m a student and my group and I want to build your machines in our school. But we have some problems here. Can you send me the lasercutting files that is in scale? They were not in scale when I open them (really tiny, I’m using Illustrator on mac). And I found some error of quantity on one of the pdf file (it’s in attachment).
We have no idea how to connect the electronics. Can you give me a clue?

Thanks for your help and your machine is awesome.

PS: I can help to translate the website into Chinese.

Simeng Li and her groups in ISH

Hi @simeng, i’ve moved you topic into the development part of the forums to keep it organised. We actually updated that error in the blueprints yesterday! Download it again and it should be fixed!

Thank you! That was really helpful.