Scientifics advises

Hi everybody, I’m new as a member and I’m happy to participate to that nice and creative project. I surching on a site and I hed never find something about more scientifics advises, may I suggest that it should be very kind to have a place to put or dowload somes scientifics or technical documents ?


there are actually many of them buried deep down here in the forum, as links or attachments. unfortunately they are really hard to find back….
let me check my archives, I am sure I kept some in a dedicated folder.

is there something specific you’re looking for ? we had here good docs about plastic injection, barrels, screws, shredding calculations and what not, any hint would help here. if it’s about technical or property aspects of plastic, there are also tables in the Machinery’s Handbook, 29th (your bible) which is more about speed and feeds but yet, has good insights into material development aspects for plastics.