Hi community, I have search for a topic but I did’t find it, I would like to have the list of all the characteristics of the screw to build the shredder 1.0 and 2.1, thank you very much.

This has been asked before.
List of hardware required for shredder

Here is the list on the nuts and screws (only for shredder 2.0 unit assembly) that I used.

Screw M10 (countersunk) x 30mm – 4pcs
Screw M8 x 25mm – 8pcs
Nut M10 – 6-8pcs (8pcs if using threaded rod)
Nut M8 – 8pcs
Washer M10 – 6-8pcs (8pcs if using threaded rod)
Washer M8 – 16pcs

Threaded rod/bolt M10 x 20cm – 2pcs

Instead of a threaded rod, I found 20cm long screws that I used, the nut can be nylock nuts, and the washers are optional.

Thanks for sharing, this will surely help other people around the forum

M8 🙂

I edited the list…

Hi, I was check the list but there is something wrong, the washers M6 are M8?

Thank you very much.