Search for an ally in Arequipa – Perú

Hi everybody,

We are a wastepickers organization called “Mujeres Ecosolidarias” that works in the peruvian southern city, Arequipa.

We are looking for someone who can help us to build the machines of precious plastic and train the peruvian wastepickers.

The organization is now focussed on product development, and we are looking for an ally in the “pre-industrialization phase” of the recycling center (in other words, someone who can help us to gain a technical capacity to transform plastic and also make sure the final product will be directly linked to market demand).
The persone has to know how to implement small scale technology (machineries, knowledge and product) in the context of Arequipa and the products that will be transformed need to have a clear future demand in the peruvian market.

If you have an interesting profile, please send your CV to we’ll then share the TOR with you

Best regards

Hello @sergioolivares
I don’t know anyone in Perú who has actually build the shredder but here are a few contacts who might help you:




Soy programador inglés y estoy muy interesado en precious plastic. Estos meses estoy viajando, ahora me quedo en Lima y voy a pasar por arequipa en unas semanas. ¿Como va el proyecto allí?

También estoy buscando a alguien que pueda ayudarnos a construir este tipo de máquinas. ¿Conociste a alguien que puede ayudarte?

hola soy de peru y me gustaria ayudar a esta causa soy de lima