Selling Machines

Anyone out there selling machines? Want to start building some with a high school group, but have the money to buy one or two to get us started. If someone is willing to sell us a shredder, that would be huge!

Hi @talkingtrash4cleanoceans you can check my post here

[USA]Company Making Shredder parts updated Oct2019

Also you are invited to join the “Precious Plastic USA Facebook Group”

I’m building the shredder kit. I can sell you if you want. Just contact with me. I’m from Poland.

Best regards
Jacek leśnierowski

We are Precious Plastic Los Angeles ( and we have built a shredder and 2 injector machines that we completed last week. We built them based on the Precious Plastic designs, but believe that there is some room for improvement. We are happy to discuss making you some machines.

I am starting to build machines here in the US. Finishing some shredders right now then starting on extruders and injectors. Anyone interested pleas get in touch and we can discuss options.