Selling Our Product

The thing I really like about this project, is that it is a potential livliehood project, not just a pie in the sky thing without any ability to support oneself.

In the product bazaar and discussions, I see no real mention of one very obvious group that will buy our output.

That is machine shops.

Here in the Philippines where I live, HDPE plastic blocks for machining is kinda expensive. A square foot 1 inch thick will cost almost 4 days average Filipino laborers wages.

A machine shop owner literally spends 10-20 times his labor cost weekly on materials and overhead.

So I have started polling different machine shop owners I know here in the Philippines.

I asked them, if they would purchase recycled HDPE blocks if it was the mixed colors like I see in the examples.

I asked them at what price point would they consider using the multi colored recycled stuff, and the answer so far is 25% less for recycled material vs imported Taiwan virgin plastic.

So this has me thinking.

One could earn a nice living here in the Philippines just with a simple ad in the buy and sell website, and supplying blocks of HDPE to machine shops with the low cost overnight/2 day shipping domestic service.

Since the country is a group of islands, machine shop consumables are rather difficult to get outside of Manila and as far as I know, no one is selling machine shop consumables nationwide ala mcmaster carr.

What do you think?

From my point of view, I really am not a green environmental type. However when I see the plastic in the streets. I do not think, pollution, I see money and resources carelessly thrown away. I think to myself, the resources to lift oneself up and make a better life are just there in the ground and need to be picked up.



I did calculations, and started a poll in a machine shop group on Facebook.

So far the prices for a 2.25kilo block of HDPE runs between 12USD to 36USD for one square foot at 1 inch thick. Generally I have found, at least here in Asia is that 1 inch thick blocks are also sold as 25mm thick, but in reality are more like 26-28mm thick and a bit more than a square foot to leave room to surface the material precisely. If you order 25mm or 1 inch you get it from the same sheet of material at the Chinese supplier.

Reasonably though HDPE is a very common sellable engineering material and with a ready market.

The trick is getting a good block, free of voids. You will have to offer a discount because it is recycled and because of non standard colors (generally its white or black)

That is an awesome idea. …. keep us posted how are you going :}