Sheetpress - Building - Tips

Heat-plate drilling

Left: punch tool for marking the plate mount

Right: punch tool to mark heater block mount holes, to be used on the heat-plate as well

Turning the press plate safely

Use a hoist and a forklift. The plate weights 210 KG

Installing the top plate

Framework /Assembly aids

Weld nuts on the frame, gently! This allows for easier assembling without opening the press-plate.


If you can’t make it precise, make it adjustable! The laser file can be found here

Adjustable feets

Make the feets height adjustable! This is required for 1m+ sheet presses and affects the overall sliding of the press plates significantly. You need also a big level to make sure that the framework is perfectly square.

Heating block wiring

Since those cartridge heaters may fail over time, leave the cable accessible.

Build small islands of max. 1.2kW each. That makes it easy to find failed heaters as well. You can find a failed heater by using a multi-meter. Check that each phase of the heater has infinity resistance to the ground.

Framework ribs

By reducing contact to the frame, you can reduce heat transfer to the frame and save energy as well. The frame can heat up to 100 C.

Lower - Structure

The framework beams are often bent and the structure itself too. The easier is

  • to bolt the brackets on the lower structure
  • put and keep the brackets in place, using height gauges or blocks
  • weld the brackets on the frame

Unpacking / Packaging

The box size for the 1.2m version is 1.80m x 1.5m. The entire package is about 450 KG. Try to keep the mass center on one side in case you have a small forklift.

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