Shredded plastic is picking up a static charge

Hi all,

I have just connected my shredder to an electric motor and have started shredding some HDPE plastic.

I am finding that the shredded plastic is picking up a static charge which is making it go all over the place.  I have done a quick video here –

Is there any way to disipate this static charge, or is it something that I just have to live with?



Hey there,
I guess you did already but please check that you have to connect the earth/ground from your wall plug to the shredder frame. Make really sure there is ground coming from the wall plug and check also your cables with a flow test or multi-meter.

I hope this makes sense, if not please ask, and it’s given 🙂

We had the exact same problem. We are using couplings to connect the axles from the gearbox to the shredder box, so I don’t think the shredder box was actually grounded. We solved it by running a wire from a bolt on the shredder box directly to the motor’s ground (grounding the shredder box).

Not only did it kill the static charge, but it also sped up the shredding process by removing the buildup on top of the blades and gave us larger sized mulch instead of a fine “snow”.

I hope this helps!

Unfortunately, no.

Based on the first reply I contacted the electrical engineer that had wired up my motor and he assured me that it was properly earthed.

I then took another approach.  Where I shred is close to the earth grounding rod for our house, so I ran a cable directly from the earth rod to the machine and I still had a build-up of static.

Were you able to find a solution to reduce or dissipate the static charge.  I am having a similar issue.