Shredder Alignment or Tighten up

Hi All I would like to ask everyone who has built a shredder to give tips on how they aligned the shredder so that it turned without any sound like in the video. There seems to be a common problem with having the knives on the axle being loose at the ends. How do we take up the slack or fix the problem?

I already sent you a pm but I’m copying the same response here for everyone to see:

Hello Mark
If you mean alignment between the shredders shaft and the reducer shaft, you need to use jaw couplings with an elastomeric or bronze spider. You can also use a hamstring coupling or a universal joint coupling. Basically, any coupling as long as you avoid connecting the shredder shaft directly to the reducer.

If you mean alignment of the hex bar inside of the shredder, what I do is to assemble everything first, then I tighten all nuts and bolts except for the ucfl bearings. At this point you will notice that the bearings have a little play and in some positions the hex var spins more smoothly. Find the position of the bearings where the hex bar turns more freely, and lock the bearings in place by thightening the nuts.

When you assemble the shredder there’s normally 0.5mm of space between the last knife and the side plate. If your has too much space, make sure you used the right cad files for the right metal gauge (imperial vs metric) and also make sure that the lenght of all the knives + knive spacers is equal to the lenght of the hex portion of the axle.

If you need more help feel free to send me some pics and I’ll help you out.