Shredder and chain drive

I am asking to all those (i am thinking of @xxxolivierxxx and maybe others) to share their experience with a chain-driven transmission between the motor and the axe of the shredder. My motor is a 2500W single-phase 40rpm motor. Which has a torque of nearly 600nm. My wish is to be able to modify the rpms with changing sprocket, which means to be able to turn 1:1, 1:1.5 and 1:2 to get 60 and 80 rpms. So if anyone already has made some research about chains (420, 520, 528…) and sprockets i would be delighted to read about. Thanks in advance.
Btw the axe of my motor is 35mm diametre.

don’t know about the shredding part but looking at 600Nm on a 35mm motor shaft and the heavy side forces on each shaft I’d be quite careful, not sure it worth the effort looking at the extra rest (2 extra bearings & housing to decouple motor shaft from drive shaft) needed at the end of the motor and another drive at the shredder side. good sprockets however can be expensive but you can machine them relative easy (sprocketeer); in your case having 600 Nm I’d assume 2 chains instead of one only is the way to go. i assume you have the machinery handbook (bible) there are some formulas about loads, etc…

here however, an impressive shredder with chain drive for inspiration.
@sonik, here you can get custom couplers in the bazar (mine :-), materials & dimensions of your choice.



What size, 35 to 20mm? With keyway?

@andyn , thanks for your input, i will stick with 40rpms and try to find jaw-couplers, this is probably the best way.


You’ll probably get around 450Nm of useable torque out of that motor at 40rpm. (Which is plenty).


I would stick with 40 rpm, gearing it back up to run faster will add extra complexity, waste power and increase the chance of something breaking. Even though it runs slower you’ll be able to push more plastic through it than if it were running at 80rpm with half the torque, before it jams.